Cloud, op. 17

Cloud is a short piece for piano solo composed in a spectral aesthetic. It was especially composed for the students of ARTS² - Conservatoire royal de Mons and their final exam (compulsory piece).
This score expresses in music the life of a cloud: 
first, evaporation of water (ascending gesture), second, condensation and formation of the cloud (horizontal gesture), then, the drops of water become too heavy and fall (descending gesture) and finally, the cloud disappears and the water returns to its initial state.

Version française cliquez ici.


  • Title: Cloud, op. 17 (original title: Nuage, op. 17)
  • Year of composition: 2017
  • Duration: 4 minutes 15 seconds
  • Instrumentation: Piano solo
  • Creation: 17 June, 2017 (Salle Arsonic, Mons, Belgium - by the students of the piano classes from ARTS² - Conservatoire royal de Mons)

Live recording by Floriane Gérard (piano solo) (Salle Arsonic, Mons, Belgium - 17 June, 2017)


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